We create custom protection for you and your loved ones. By assessing your property and possessions, we provide quality coverage and competitive packages. We analyze your portfolio in depth and tailor plans for both simple risk and greater exposure and provide quality coverage and competitive packages.

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Umbrella
  • Jewelry
  • Home is where all hearts are set. It’s not just another property; it's the place where fond memories are created. Losing an asset is tough; losing your home is devastating. Protect your loved ones against all harm. Take charge. They depend on you.

    Why homeowners insurance?
    • Covers investments when financing your home
    • Protects against destructive storms, injuries and damaged property
    • Provides reimbursement for living accommodations while your home is under repair and uninhabitable due to damage or loss from a covered risk
    • Payment for cost of repair or replacement of personal possessions due to theft, vandalism and other covered perils
    • Compensation for legal representation or medical expenses related to injury of visitors to your home.
  • You depend on your vehicle to get you places. Don’t get entangled in financially draining activities due to a lack of auto insurance; protect your car properly. At P&G we work with multiple auto carriers to find the best rate for you.

    Why auto insurance?
    • Covers Personal injury and medical payments
    • Pays the injured medical bills and car damage
    • Bodily injury and property damage liability
    • Uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury
    • Comprehensive and collision loss
    • Uninsured motorist collision deductible waiver
    • Financial protection for legal fees if you’re taken to court
    • Rental reimbursement
    • Required by most states
  • The key to protection is prevention. Umbrella insurance safeguards you against many unintentional mishaps. Got many assets?
    This coverage was created for you! If you own multiple properties, rental homes or a swimming pool that needs protection, purchase an all-in-one insurance. An umbrella policy ensures your security more than the limits of your home or auto policy can. You never know who might sue you. An umbrella policy provides extra financial protection and offers immunity from lawsuits that might end differently than you expected. All your assets, including your future earnings can be at risk. Be secure.

    Why Umbrella Insurance?
    • Coverage if you accidentally injure someone or their property
    • Legal representation, court fees and lawsuits
    • Libel or slander
    • Other liability claims not covered under your home or auto policy
  • Don’t suffer for beauty. Or lack of it. Jewelry means so much more to you than just a stone. It represents your special moments and fond memories. Protect your most precious possessions so that in event of loss or damage, you’re not left unadorned and devastated.

    Why Jewel insurance?
    • Repairs or replaces jewelry that was lost, damaged, or stolen.
    • Covers damage if your jewelry accidentally cracks or breaks.
    • Protects you if they disappear and you can’t seem to find them.

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